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Montag, 9. April 2018

Gw2Helper SE V0.419 - Public Beta

07:55 // by [LN] Farbstoff // 2 comments

Gw2Helper SE V0.419 - Beta

- complete reprogramming 
- new Engine (StreamBased)
- the new Version do the same like the Gw2 Client (CreateAgents etc ...)
- significantly lower resources consumption
- preparation for the upcoming features
- new threaded queues to linearize the incoming data

current available functions:
- Target Dps Meter
- Boss Detail
- StatRecorder
- GroupOverview (preparation for Area Stats Calculation but not yet available )
- Gw2 Stats
- Skill Details

knowing bugs
- health scaling on attack gadgets
- reset on multiagents ( like Xera p1 -> p2 )
- no reset on left mouse button on MainIcon

upcoming features
- additional Chat features (Copy Links from Chat etc...)
- Incoming Dps Meter
- Heal Meter 
- Fail Recorder
- CC Overview
- Controlled Dps Meter
- Area Stats Calculation (Direct Damage is functional and works ) - Condi Damage will follow
- Build Templates
- Defiance Bar
- HotKey MainMenu


important infos

- start the Tool at Login Screen or Char Select
- If you start the tool later you have to leave the map and the squad and join the map and the squad again
    - the tool has no information about what was loaded before
- its a beta version ( If you find a bug, please let me know )(bearbeitet)

- If you want to know all news or need support. Join the Discord Channel



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